About Us

Riccardo (Ricky) Esclapon

Ricky is passionate about the tools R and R Markdown and loves creating content that showcases their use. He specializes in reporting automation and has been collecting data from the cryptocurrency markets since early 2018; he uses that data to learn everything he can in his journey as a data scientist, and has been developing tutorials to help others discover and learn the tools he has come to love.

John Chandler Johnson

Chandler is an associate professor at the BI Norwegian Business School. He has a background in statistics and sociology, and has experience working on problems relating to financial timeseries data and the challenges associated with using machine learning on such problems. Chandler is the Chief Scientific Officer at GAINSystems Inc.

Kai R. Larsen

Kai R. Larsen is an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the division of Organizational Leadership and Information Analytics, Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. He is a Research Advisor to the Gallup organization, and a courtesy faculty member in the Department of Information Science of the College of Media, Communication and Information, a Professor at the University of Agder, and a Fellow of the Institute of Behavioral Science. Kai is most known for providing a practical solution to Edward Thorndike's (1904) Jingle Fallacy (Larsen and Bong 2016) and for his contributions to the Semantic Theory of Survey Response (STSR), which holds that results of surveys using attitude scales primarily measure the linguistic relationships between survey questions. Kai’s book on Automated Machine Learning is slated for publication by Oxford University Press in May 2021. Kai has published papers in top journals of three disciplines.

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