Project Details - Tools

Learn about the tools that power this tutorial

R Markdown

 • This document was created with the main purpose of showcasing the power of using the open source tool R Markdown.

• R Markdown is a programming tool that allows users to create documents that have a clearly defined structure using the "Markdown" language, and allows the use of code from many programming languages and even have them communicate with each other within the same document. Once the structure of the document is outlined, it can be used to produce many different kind of outputs using the same code with no incremental work. These can be one page html documents, presentations, pdf documents, dashboards, websites, and many more types of outputs, including the "book" structure that the tutorial uses. This makes it great for reproducibility, which can save organizations and researchers large amounts of time and money. You can find a gallery of the types of outputs you can produce for the same code at this website:

GitHub Actions

• The tutorial is refreshed every 12 hours using another open source tool called GitHub Actions.

• The R Markdown code is posted on a GitHub Repository:

• The repository is configured to run through GitHub actions using a text file with the .yml extension, which describes the configuration of the computer as well as the steps it needs to execute in order to refresh the tutorial with the latest results: